Shower Doors in New Jersey: Custom Vanity Glass Doors for All Bathrooms

Whether your shower is looking old and outdated or your shower curtain is full of mold and mildew, custom shower doors in New Jersey are the solution.

This bathroom fixture can completely open up your space and make your room a relaxing oasis. However, there are a few essential factors to consider before designing your new shower doors.

The Benefits of Custom Glass Shower Doors

If you are on the fence about this bathroom update, then there are endless benefits to sway you in the direction of custom shower doors. Improved safety, increased home value, and a more open bathroom are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy.

Improves Safety

According to the NTV, 235,000 people over the age of 15 are injured in the bathroom every year. Shower curtains can cause water to accumulate outside of your shower, which is a slip and fall hazard.

Custom shower doors will keep the water inside of your shower, allowing you to step out onto a clean, dry floor.

Easy to Clean

Unlike shower curtains that collect mold and mildew, glass shower doors are incredibly easy to clean with just soap and water.

Opens Up Your Space

When you install a glass shower door in your bathroom, you will let more light into the room, instantly opening up the space. Even if your bathroom and shower dimensions are small, a clear, glass shower enclosure will make your room appear larger.

Increases Home Value

The addition of a modern glass shower door will instantly increase your home value, especially if you renovate the rest of your bathroom as well. According to Renofi, a bathroom renovation can see a 56.6 to 64 percent return when selling your home.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Glass Shower Doors

The best part about customizable shower doors is that you have full creative control during the design process. These are just a few design elements to consider.

Frameless or Framed

The first consideration you will need to make is whether you want a framed or frameless custom shower enclosure. Both options are safe and versatile, and the final decision ultimately depends on your own personal preference. Frameless doors, however, tend to be slightly more expensive.

Shower Door Type

It is essential to choose the correct door type for your specific shower enclosure. To narrow down your options, you may first want to decide whether you want a tub shower door or just a shower door.

Sliding or Swing Door

Do you want your custom shower door to slide or swing open? For smaller bathrooms, a sliding door is recommended in order to give you more room. Swinging shower doors are more popular for larger bathrooms or bathrooms with a corner shower.

Glass Texture

You’ll need to choose the best glass texture for your custom shower enclosure. The most common glass texture is clear glass, as it opens up the space and provides a clean look. However, some homeowners may opt for frosted or patterned glass.

Start Designing Your Custom Shower Doors in New Jersey Today

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